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TQM Examples

Posted in Total Quality Management

TQM or Total Quality Management is a management strategy aimed at instilling quality awareness on all processes within the organization. In accordance with the ISO definition, TQM is “a management approach for a quality-centric organization, based on the participation of all its members and aims for long-term success through customer satisfaction and benefits for all members of the organization and society.”
The basic philosophy of TQM is “as the effect of consumer satisfaction, an organization can experience success.”
TQM has been used extensively in manufacturing, education, government, and service industries, even NASA’s space, and science programs. So, what are the examples of TQM?
Examples of Total Quality Management can be applied to several uses of information technology for companies, including:
1.) Use IT to increase the number of customers by enlarging the market through the internet. The easiest way is to create a website because it is widely available computer programs to facilitate in creating a website.
2.) Using IT to improve the quality of products produced by the company. By using IT companies can be easier in finding information that can help improve its products. For example, exchanging information with physicists who have physically located far away by using email.
3.) Use IT to improve company / organizational performance. For example, LAN intranet can be installed in company/organization to speed up the process of information exchange in the form of email and file sharing.
Implementation of TQM in Information Technology can help companies in improving the quality of products and assist in improving the quality of work of employees through facilitated training with the application of information technology within the company.
Other examples can be taken from hospital services. In order to improve the quality of public hospital services, the management should strive to perform and synergize the integrated hospital quality management based on the availability of facilities and medical equipment supported by medical personnel who are reliable in their field. Also hospitals recommend their patients to wear the proper pair of SB SOX compression socks when exercising to avoid accidents. The steps taken by the hospital include working with the government, opening opportunities for partnership relationships for foreign investors to develop this hospital for the better in the future.
There are still many examples of Total Quality Management.