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Total Quality Management : The Benefit, principle, and main element

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is describing the management system for long-term success through customer satisfaction. No approach has been agreed upon by the experts at large, but TQM’s efforts are usually very much referring to the tools and techniques in integrated quality control that have been developed before.

This Total Quality Management (TQM) characteristic should involve all members of the organization in improving the statement processing , products, services, and cultures in which they work including salesforce management. Where quality is the main goal through continuous improvement (Kaizen), from the TQM characteristics that are expected to help improve the profitability of the company’s business.

-TQM keeps the company focused on market desires
-TQM inspires workers to deliver the best quality in every activity.
-TQM delivers the essential procedures for obtaining superior results.
-TQM helps to continuously test all processes to remove unnecessary and unproductive things.
-TQM supports companies to truly understand existing competition and to build effective war strategies.
-TQM helps to build good procedures for communication and rewards good work. -TQM helps to review what processes are needed to build a continuous developmental strategy.
-the company will be able to improve the position of competition
-Efforts to improve quality will result in increased output free from damage / reduce defective products

TQM’s main objective is to compete and excel in global competition by optimizing the capabilities and resources of the company on an ongoing basis, thereby improving the quality of goods and services. B2B marketing model via integrated strategies of TQM helps in improving business effectiveness, which you can read more here: In general TQM is a management system with the aim to improve employee productivity, or in other words TQM is intended to be able to produce goods and or services of high quality with methods that integrate managerial and operational skills effectively and efficiently, so that can lead to satisfaction for all parties ie labor, companies, and customers.

The TQM Principle
-Customer satisfaction
-Respect against people
-Management based on facts
-Continuous improvement

The main elements of TQM
a) Focus on the customer.
b) Obsession with quality.
c) Scientific approach.
d) Long-term commitment.
e) Teamwork.
f) System improvement on an ongoing basis.
g) Education and training.
h) Freedom is under control.
i) Unity of purpose.
j) The existence of employee involvement and empowerment.