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What is differences of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma and Lean Thinking?

Posted in Lean Manufacturing, and Lean Six Sigma

Lean means building mindset, way of thinking and commitment from all parts company with activities to minimize waste in production to produce the product effectively and efficiently and meet the qualification standards of customers.

While the differences between Lean manufacturing, Lean Thinking and Lean Six Sigma is

Lean Manufacturing:
– Focus on production operations
– Common Sense Approach
– A short-term Project
– The data used is the observation data
– Giving priority to dispose of waste in production activities (5S and 3F)

Lean Six Sigma
– Focus on customer satisfaction management
– A technical approach
– A long-term project
– The data provided is statistical data taken from various lines in the plant
– Giving priority to reduce variation

Meanwhile, Lean Thinking is more focused on the formation of mindset and consciousness, one way to think about effective manufacturing system that must be done by all the member companies of workers to top managers to meet the standards of lean manufacturing in order to manage customer satisfaction.

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