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Wasteful Carrying and Inspection

Posted in Lean Manufacturing, Management, and Manufacturing Waste

Stock is buried in the warehouse and in production indirectly slow the production process time and delivery processes. Wasted time include time spent removing, transporting and carrying of material / product from one place to another place and time required to conduct an inspection of the product in a state of over-capacity.

Carrying Wasteful

No we know the path that is used to transfer material from the initial material and products derived from container to be a finished product ready to be sent at the customer requires a distance of miles. Therefore, if there is accumulation of product in the warehouse or in production will add mileage to the customer’s product. Trimming this route part of lean manufacturing.

In the improvement, pruning jara1 inches will be very valuable, because we realize that production activities will be repeated over and over if accumulated waste will feel extraordinary.

Wasteful Inspection

The work of this inspection will continue to grow in line with the abundant stock in production and in the warehouse. This inspection includes marking material to be sent to the consumer. Identification of the product should be visualized as clearly as possible to facilitate the selection of goods. Conditions that complicate will always occur if the conditions of high production while demand decreases.
5S management here were most responsible for doing this work.

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