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Waiting Wastage

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

What is the waiting waste and extravagance is how big an effect on productivity. In the process of reducing the activity of plant waste, waste waiting times also do not realize, but very damaging in terms of productivity. The meaning here is that all waiting waste for such material, carrying-in, inspection, waiting for marginal work and waiting for the monitor work.

As a result of waiting waste complex will have implications on other manufacturing activities. For example, many workers are not being used and in vain because they have to wait for materials to come. Work will be delayed just before the goods are processed. In addition, time is wasted with no charge because they have to idle waiting for a delayed production

Other effects arising from the cessation of waste waiting some time machine and could not produce because they have to wait for the raw materials ready. If a process is a cycle that continues to spin, just a waste of 1 minute will result in loss of time, loss of productivity and financial losses due to profit decline.

Increase of in-process materials in stock also will occur in manufacturing because of waiting waste. Lean manufacturing will interfere with the waiting waste. Furthermore this kind of waste should be minimized with the condition 5s that were properly guard. Do not let the waiting waste due to raw material supply factors should be added to the conditions that aggravate the extravagance these 5s

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