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Visualization the Improvement Stories

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

Improvement is made at the expense of time and effort. In order to get the response and appreciation from others in the company, it must be documented as well visualized to the improvement storyboard. This is very important because:

1. To keep the team spirit in making improvement. Because by knowing the story improvement that has been on display so it looks clearly how achievement of which have been obtained and the possibility of further improvement can be made.

2. When the improvement team wanted to present the results of improvement to management and colleagues, this kind of storyboard Improvement will help give meaning to our audience. This is the most effective method of communication to explain the improvement that has been created.

3. Many companies recognize the improvement that has been achieved through a “quality expos”. Team appraiser will easily capture and translate the current conditions, and the achievement of improvement has been made. Management and staff will easily review the results achieved and provide a response to the team for further improvement.

4. Selling Point a company can be shown by the Improvement story. Costumer will recognize our efforts to improve the quality product they ordered.

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