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The Types of Six Sigma Training

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma is an effort / program that lines up business objectives with improvement activities. This means that with six sigma how business objectives can be achieved can be described through various initiatives of improvement projects undertaken.
The training program is one of the key approaches to raise the competence of Golf course / Black Belt. Offered how critical this expertise is, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis in order to formulate a powerful training program.
Six Sigma training generally lasts 1 to 20 or so days. Yes, the amount sometimes feels very much. The variation in the number of days in this six sigma training is determined by the training subject. Generally speaking, there is launch or awareness training, then sponsorship and champion, renewable belt and black seatbelt.
This analysis process contains 3 phases:
– Before the training is done (pre-training)
– At the time of training (during training)
– Following the training is given (after training)
Because the Six Sigma training is one of the tools to achieve business objectives, the training is linked to the achievement of quantitative work results, as a measure of training effects. The impact of training results on business consequence is measured through 3 main factors: Project Advantage (Operational Result), Ability of participants to lead and complete the project (behavior result) and how students socialize and become minister plenipotentiary of Six Sigma (non observable result)
1. Six Sigma Green Belt Trainin
This kind of training is the most popular six sigma training because after this training almost all of those who have completed this training have the ability to complete a “small” DMAIC task. Note: the meaning of “small” will certainly vary according to organizational difficulty.

2. Six Sigma Green Seatbelt Training or Six Sigma Training in Indonesia
Generally six sigma green seatbelt training is in Dalam negri duration of 6 to 10 days, depending on component or the agreed programs. Inside our experience, 6-8 days and nights features sufficient duration.
3. 6 Sigma Black Belt Teaching
This training is a six sigma advance training because after this training generally individuals who have completed this training are able to complete a cross-functional DMAIC project and have a higher skill. In several organizations, the African american Belt is generally asked to lead task management that contains several Oriental Belts to help them. There is also a Black Belt that is asked to become a coach for Green Belt.
4. Six Sigma Black Belt Training or Black Belt Training in Indonesia
Generally six sigma black belt trained in Indonesia duration 10 to 20 days, depending on module or perhaps the agreed curriculum. In our experience, 12-16 days is of sufficient duration. That they will learn not only tools, but more complex very soft skills and project management.
5. Introduction to Six Sigma Training
This Six Sigma training is a training to spread out ideas into Six Sigma and also to provide an initial comprehension of what is Six Sigma or Low fat Six Sigma.
6. Six Sigma Champion Training and Support
The training is to provide knowledge and skills to the champions and sponsors. This training is essential in establishing a strong and sustainable infrastructure in the corporation. And, keep in mind, Sponsors are own the result, these are the ones who will drive the implementation of a solution.
These are generally some of the most frequent types of six-sigma training.