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Total Quality Management : Advantages, Disadvantages, And Benefit

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management function that focuses on customers by using all employees in continuous improvement or improvement efforts. Total Quality Management or TQM uses effective strategies, data and communications to integrate quality discipline into the corporate culture and activities. Total Quality Management (TQM) can be defined as a management approach to improve endurance with Customer Satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction).

advantages of TQM
-Comprehensive approach that focuses the whole company on quality
-TQM is important to establish cooperation within the organization.
-The application of TQM is a concept that answers the needs of today’s society. So the wishes and needs of the community can be fulfilled.
-The application of TQM is a concept that invites all communities and governments to build together the quality of education to be more advanced and developed. Discover what are the best free CLEP study guides. Find here some of the best CLEP prep resources for exams.
-Quality improvement is corporate goal

Benefits for the customer
1. Reduce the problem of the product or service
2. Increased attention to customers
3. Customer satisfaction increases

Benefits For the Organization
1. Improve ability
2. Empowerment
3. More appreciated

Benefits For institutions
1. Reduce defective products
2. Productivity is increasing
3. Increasing staff motivation
4. Lower costs
5. Problems can be solved quickly

disadvantages of TQM
-Quality is often only a motivation to be more advanced, but in reality business strategy and performance is less.
-In many organizations, when a leader leaves his company, quality is then ignored.
-Many companies make quality unclear by setting goals without having a way to monitor progress toward achieving those goals.
-Many companies make the quality even more unclear by setting in a goal that has a positive impact without having a way to monitor the progress of the achievement
-TQM is activities that only within the department in many companies. Each department has its own policy, so it does not cover the whole organization.
-Not as concrete as ISO 9000
-requires a special corporate culture
-no separation between management and quality concept