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The Possible Cause of Over-Production

Posted in Manufacturing Waste, and Production Control

Many possibilities that occur in the production process that causes excess production, thus causing a serious abnormality. If not resolved properly, it will cause a further effect and shake the stability of the company.

In general, we can be sure of over-production because production management errors that are not controlled. Production Manager is the first person responsible for this abnormality, because those who regulate the production stability. However, knowledge about the “possible cause” of an abnormality in the production process must be owned by all employees, because it will make it easier where you wish to take action.

Quality Control Section will conduct a search here the root causes of a case by case for the purposes of research and development. Each issue will be discussed together with the production in-charge to make the improvement so hopefully no more errors in the same case.

Various possible causes of over-production are as follows:
1. Over Personnel
2. Over Equipment
3. Product of Large lots (Dumping Like Productions)
4. Large-Size and Rapid-Processing Machine
5. Production System is capable of flexibility corresponding to the product increase is

Management of labor, coordination between the manufacturing section will facilitate the implementation of lean manufacturing in a factory.

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