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Tag: Voice of Customer

What are the Customers Want?

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

Every business improvement, change and achievement should be clear and easily identifiable. Furthermore it should be understood and implemented by each member with ease. But more important is the need to pay attention to the voice of market and the voice of the customer. As good as any improvement we make, if you do not pay attention to market the product we will not be acceptable to the market. A large company will spread sales to the market, in addition to selling its products also received a response, criticism and input from our customers. Then the data in the form of claim data, criticisms, made in response to customer in file of the Voice of Customer.

Measure & Observe as the Six Steps DMAIEC Process Improvement

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

The second step of the process improvement steps are DMAIEC Measure. The purpose of the measure of the improvement of this step is to observe the measuring process dang work in producing the product and how the process could be developed for the better. Make Improvement. In this case we are we must know the concept of 5W1H (What, What, Where, When, Why and How) about the process in question.

The problems that exist should be classified in the appropriate category. Which problems in critical priority problems and the problems that a category simple problem. All in rank according to priority and is selected to be one of the themes and items that will be improvement.