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The three main pillars of the Toyota Production System

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By considering the house of Toyota, it appears that Toyota management system aims to achieve the Quality, Cost Delivery, through shortening the production flow and eliminate waste. To achieve these objectives Toyota management system has three main pillars, namely:
A. JIT (just-in Time), which is basically intended to produce the necessary units in the required amount at the time it takes.
2. Human Resources, It is the main pillar that must be nurtured and held intensive and regular training to produce the human resource that is sensitive to change and able to innovate for continuous improvement. In addition, the resources are intended to improve performance and lean culture spread to all member companies.
3. Built-In Quality-Jidoka, Build quality should be carried out continuously and continuous through the automation of the machine, making the surgical procedure that does not allow an error occurs, control systems are adequate to assist the system in order not to get out of the existing procedures.

The importance of Information Monthly and Daily Information

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Toyota is a member of two types of information on suppliers: First is a monthly production plan which has been determined previously notified to suppliers in the middle of the month before. By using the monthly production plan has been determined in advance, the supplier will determine the date of the following plans:

1. Cycle time of each process
2. Routine operation reorder raw labor allocation in accordance with a cycle time in each process.
3. The number of spare parts and materials to be ordered on the sub suppliers
4. The number of kanban for each sub-suppliers