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Tag: Red Tags


Posted in Management, and Standardization

The red tags are made in accordance with the information needs to be provided. This standard must be agreed by all members of the production, management and everything associated with the production process.

Basic information that should be written is the product name, product type, quantity, lot size and the reason is removed.

Making Red Tags for marking unused, the model can be varied and modified according to need. But most important are:


Posted in Management, and Standardization

Determination of the object to be on the label
The object will be labeled must be known by all employees with the training and practice in advance directly at their respective working places. Goods / material that needs to be set and the labels are the stocks which includes materials, WIP, parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

Machinery equipment include machinery, pallet, trains, malls, tooling, trolley, cutting tools, furniture, prints etc. Include floor space, aisle, shelf and warehouse.