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Line Graph and Performance Indicator

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Line Graph can show us the performance or the performance indicator of a process over time. Line graph is very easily understood by a layman though. For example, a graph of quality products from time to time. So that readers can immediately determine if the quality goes up or down between specified time interval. If the line tends to rise, it stands to reason that quality has increased, and vice versa when the line dropped it needs attention, do get improvement. If necessary when given the declining trend line in red to get more attention.

Line Graph can show us the ongoing trend data, the performance standards which is the average of the existing statistical data, and estimated data to come. By looking at the trend in the management can take action quickly to the existing performance. Does it need to be done forcing the company’s performance, whether carried replace employees, whether conducted intensive training for employees to raise their performance, if necessary a thorough revamping of the company and so on. Line graph is the initial information to determine the attitude. And further analysis is still required to take appropriate action.