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Tag: Production Wastage

Wasteful Use of Space

Posted in Management, and Manufacturing Waste

As outlined in the concept of 5S, stockings wastage is also strongly influenced by conditions 5S inadequate, both in production and in the warehouse. In connection with stockings wastage place and space usage must be considered and resolved as effectively as possible. 5S management role is needed to settle this issue.

Existing space must be arranged with due regard to:
1. Line in use, transportation and goods transportation in and out of the warehouse and in production
2. Settlement system that is easy to identify and capture the goods.
3. FIFO system should remain the reference in the queue system and arrangement of goods in the warehouse to facilitate the retrieval of goods.
4. If the production of material placement should not interfere with production activities

Long Delivery Time

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Long delivery time greatly affect a company’s business continuity. How not, customer trust built upon honesty and mutual trust is built one of them is the accuracy and speed of delivery.
Accuracy in accordance with the specifications provided and the speed in accordance with the schedule and the agreement that has been made between producers and customers.

Fast or slow delivery depending on the system used by the company. If the company has a stock of products that much, certainly not an issue. Delivery on time can be carried out in conditions like this.