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Improvement Principles

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Every time in the world of manufacturing, we are always required to Improve, improve and Improve. If the company wants progress must always make improvement every time. Improvement is based because of increasing competition in the product, both types of products and quality on the market. Some of the principles that must be held by the manufacturer to develop the company can be described as follows:

1. Improvement must be general and easily applied
Methods of improvement are made, as far as possible should be applied by all members of the company. But if it is not possible to be arranged so that member companies that deal directly with the product can contribute to improvement of the methods that have been made.

Plan-Do-Check-Action | PDCA Concept

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The concept applied in the improvement cycle such as Shewhart; s cycles (PDCA Concept) is a simple step, but if carried out in accordance with existing procedures will have a huge effect on improvement. Plan-Do-Check-Action returned to the Plan-Do-Check-Action and so on.

Stages PDCA Concept if would like further elaborated the following explanation:
PLAN: Planning an improvement project which will be composed of the following activities: