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Imperfection in applicable standards

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Standards are made based on experiences in production activities in the past who made a step-by-step improvement. But not all standards can be applied in areas of production. due to field conditions are always different, and different treatment of the product must also be different.

Imperfect in applicable standards common in the production process of a product. It may be caused by imperfections in terms of work procedures, employees who have the imbalance skill standards in the relevant processes, as well as production machines that are not applicable to existing standards.

Poor Inspection Method

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Perfection in a factory system is a trial error That process takes a long time. In the beginning there are still many shortcomings in terms of methods and productivity, then held for the better improvement. Improvement done still have continued weakness of the improvement and so on.

However, in reality, the improvement will of always have difficulty both in technical terms, labor regulation and its supporting components. One of them is to make an adequate inspection system to avoid the nonconforming product.