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Six Sigma as a tool and system management

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In the study of Six Sigma, there are several qualifications that are often referred to as a White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Each has its own level of expertise required, simply getting into the direction of Master Black Belt, of course, requires more skill and experience are more complex.

Six Sigma is not just quality improvement, but it could become an integrated management system that has an impact on various aspects, including the discipline of leadership development. That said, a qualified operator should-he was a white-yellow belt or a belt, a team leader or supervisor ideally a green belt that is capable of organizing improvement team, preferably in a managerial level it is a black belt in charge of organizing the improvement team and set a performance improvement program in the area of responsibility. When we refer to the level of Master Black Belt, this capability must be owned by a business unit head is capable of delivering a large impact on the achievement of change management six sigma performance.

Six Sigma Training: What Should be Explained in the Implementation of Six Sigma

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

A lot of institutions that offer good training six sigma green belt training, black belt training, master black belt and Champion training. The main objective of the training is to establish a theme that is strong and well organized to achieve the expected results where the results of research and analysis can be applied and standardized in the area of the company. Of course, with a significant added value and profitable company.

Some training materials are usually delivered by professional trainers, trainers in the field of six sigma are:

Understanding Six Sigma

What is sig sigma? Basically, trainees must understand the true understanding of six sigma include background doing six sigma, six sigma project objectives done and the achievement of the expected after a six sigma project.