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Six Sigma Management in Implementation

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Selection of appropriate project
In the previous article mentioned that six sigma is a statistical method in the improvement. However the only statistical tools to collect data analyze and implement the results of research to be applied in manufacturing systems. But on the basis of six sigma is a management to make improvements to achieve better. Many people argue that the level of success of a Six Sigma project like this is very much determined by how many tools used to analyze the problem, How much is the analyzed data that shows the level of accuracy of the results and how sophisticated the software used to analyze the data. But more than that of the most important fact is the management and the ability to manage to organize the available resources.

Performer Six Sigma project is not just a statistical expert who can operate the software with smart. But Six Sigma project should be headed by a manager who can lead and clearly understands the advantages and disadvantages of organization.
What should be emphasized in the management of Six Sigma projects are as follows.