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Tag: Leanmanufacturing

Waiting Wastage

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

What is the waiting waste and extravagance is how big an effect on productivity. In the process of reducing the activity of plant waste, waste waiting times also do not realize, but very damaging in terms of productivity. The meaning here is that all waiting waste for such material, carrying-in, inspection, waiting for marginal work and waiting for the monitor work.

As a result of waiting waste complex will have implications on other manufacturing activities. For example, many workers are not being used and in vain because they have to wait for materials to come. Work will be delayed just before the goods are processed. In addition, time is wasted with no charge because they have to idle waiting for a delayed production

Strict Compliance with the Rule for Action Improvement

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

Solving problems related to waste action is to enforce strict compliance with the rule for action improvement. With the standardization was made in the process will be formed collective adherence of all members of production. The ultimate goal of implementing countermeasures of this kind will make all activities well controlled, both machine operation and manual operation in manufacturing.

First of all it must be ensured that the layout should support for movement activities. Tidaka any part of the machine that prevents motion machine operators, no material that interfere with operator movement, and all the components in the process should be done easily and not too much movement. If you can with a sitting position can run the production activity.