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Tag: Lean Manfacturing 5S

Minimization of Aisle Space

Posted in Material Handling

Although, a forklift requires space for the road, turn and spin, but a forklift driver should be able to minimize the width of the road to be traversed. Forklift driver’s license must be accompanied and pass a test to drive a forklift with effectively. Effective intended here able to pass through a small alley with no dangerous items or objects nearby.

Selection of professional drivers are very helpful in saving space used for the track. In addition, the use of other transport equipment must be considered. Without prejudice to the performance of conveyances, cultivated trajectory made between material to one another, shelves to one another should be minimized.

Quick and Easy in the Preparation of Materials

Posted in Management, and Material Handling

Prepare materials in manufacturing must get serious handling as it takes a long time. If this is not done improving the time in line then prepared materials manufacturing activities will be wasted just for materials handling. While the core of manufacturing activities is a product of the material to assemble into finished goods.

The main duties of lean manufacturing is how to reduce the time needed to prepare materials that will be used for production To reduce the time in the handling of this material simply by applying existing 5S concepts, especially concepts Seiton. Even though in a split second in time can reduce, but it must be done.