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Qualified Human Resources

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Implementation of lean six sigma enterprise system cannot run properly if it is not supported by reliable human resources. Reliable in the sense that translate the concepts of lean sigma and are able to apply in practice in accordance with their respective job description. Changes in the manufacturing world are so fast, both the level of competition and market trend of absorbed products, imposes manufacturer must organize them to face global competition. For human resource development to be conducted.

To create a reliable system of human resources and proven methods are needed that perfectly structured, ranging from recruitment and training system-provided training. The first thing done is an ongoing survey of the condition of the company’s internal and external conditions in the company. This is done for the proper formation in accordance with market needs.

The three main pillars of the Toyota Production System

Posted in Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and Toyota Production System

By considering the house of Toyota, it appears that Toyota management system aims to achieve the Quality, Cost Delivery, through shortening the production flow and eliminate waste. To achieve these objectives Toyota management system has three main pillars, namely:
A. JIT (just-in Time), which is basically intended to produce the necessary units in the required amount at the time it takes.
2. Human Resources, It is the main pillar that must be nurtured and held intensive and regular training to produce the human resource that is sensitive to change and able to innovate for continuous improvement. In addition, the resources are intended to improve performance and lean culture spread to all member companies.
3. Built-In Quality-Jidoka, Build quality should be carried out continuously and continuous through the automation of the machine, making the surgical procedure that does not allow an error occurs, control systems are adequate to assist the system in order not to get out of the existing procedures.