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Eliminating Inspection Activities

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Inspections for companies is to be done to ensure the quality as expected. On the other hand is a waste inspection activities should be eliminated in the manufacturing process. Waste which will appear in the inspection process is a waste of labor to be used in the inspection process. From the results of these inspections will produce a good product, the product could still be in the rework and product failure.

Impact caused by the presence of inspection activity is the production process is carefully and tend not to pay attention to the creation of good quality, because they think that the output of the products still have to pass inspection. By contrast, if early on they are equipped with self awareness and quality inspection. With the self-inspection has always maintained the quality of the production process.

JIT Purchasing

Posted in Toyota Production System

Purchase JIT scheduling system is the procurement of goods in a way such that it can be done immediately to meet demand delivery or use.
Purchase JIT can reduce time and costs associated with purchasing activities by:

1. Reducing the number of suppliers so that companies can reduce the resources expended in negotiations with pamasoknya.
2. Reducing or eliminating the time and cost negotiations with suppliers.
3. Having a buyer or customer with an established purchasing program.
4. Eliminate or reduce activities and costs that are not value added.
5. Reduce time and cost for quality inspection programs.