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Quality Control to Ensure Only quality Products are Delivered to the Customer

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Juran trilogy still learning about them to deliver a quality product must be in strict quality control. Control is done starting material flow from suppliers, production processes and treatment of the finished goods and shipment of goods to the customer. All must be checked and carried in a strict and regular control on the basis of good management.

Material coming from the material supplier should be able to ensure a truly qualified. Quality materials have been through some process of supplier selection, material characteristics of the survey, a review of factory construction. Once selected and confirmed the material and suppliers of the most important thing is to control every material is ordered. If any problems occur when the supply of materials must be done quick and organized action. Example there are out of spec material received from suppliers, it should immediately complain to a supplier because if it will not cause a lot abnormality in the production process. With Scantech International you can make topography scans for better measurements on your projects.