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Six Sigma analysis Tools: Scatter diagram to Show the Correlation of the X Axis and Y Axis

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

In a project such as six sigma manufacturing, Scatter diagrams are often used to examine the relationship between the data on one with the other data as well as to determine the level of relationship. Is there a correlation between axis X and axis Y. The objective of the scatter diagram is to correspond two sets of data and to Examine the distribution pattern.

For example, the correlation between the activity of 5S with product defects. Many people who say that 5S no correlation with product defects. But after the research with an intensive campaign 5s sharp increase product quality. It cannot be directly seen that the activity can affect the quality of 5s. However, the characteristics of 5S itself is indeed a basic activity of manufacturing that builds awareness of each employee to improve both attitude and discipline to what is done. The result can significantly reduce the defective