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Tag: 5S for Improvement

WIP STOCK Problems

Posted in Case Study, Management, and Seiton

Work-In-Process (WIP) on the production process must be managed as efficiently as possible. Emphasized the importance of lean manufacturing systems reduce material stock / WIP on the existing production.

Remove unused facilities

Posted in Management, Seiri, and Standardization

A lot of facilities in the production area and in the office, such as tables, chairs, computers, fan, hand machines, grinding machines, vacuum cleaners, Air conditioners, lamps and other lighting.

Although the treatment is done regularly and properly scheduled, but the longer the treatment performance deteriorated and many were damaged. The problem that often happens is that the facilities are damaged and neglected due;
– The extent of plant area so that the daily schedule for repairs are not possible.
– Procurement of goods that require long time because it had to go through the procedure, starting from the approval of supervisors until the approval of the manager, and selecting suppliers of goods ordered in accordance