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Six Steps DMAIEC Process Improvement

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

• Launch The Project
• Define Outcomes
• Identify Stakeholders
• Select Team
• Determine Proj ect Approach
• Create Project Plan

• Define The Current Process
• Address “Low-Hanging Fruit”
• Obtain CustomerCTQ’s
• Gather Initial Metrics
• Determine Current “Sigma”
• Stratify Data
• Determine Initial Value Proposition

• Develop Cause & Effect Hypotheses
• Gather Causal Data
• Determine & Validate Root Causes (X’s)

• Identify Breakthroughs
• Select Practical Approaches
• Design Future State
• Predict New “Sigma”
• Perform C/B & Risk Analysis

• Develop Control Methods
• Develop Dashboards and Scorecards
• Train
• Execute
• Measure Results
• Manage Change

• Report Dashboard and Scorecard Data
• Create Feedback Loop & Adjust Process
• Identify Replication Opportunities
• Develop Future Plans

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