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“Six Sigma Has Spread like Wildfire Across the Company” : Jack Welch

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One of the rapid development of six sigma led by Jack Welch who is the CEO of General Electric. He’s not half-hearted invest for the development of his company by doing a six sigma project. His hard work has yielded remarkable results. Development initiatives his company a role model for global companies. Projects handled and conducted training has resulted in millions of dollars in profits for his company.

In 1997, Six Sigma delivered $ 320 million in productivity gains and profits, More Than Double Welch’s original goal of $ 150 million. For 1998, he expects GE to get about $ 750 million in net benefits. ”Six Sigma has spread like Wildfire across the company, and it is transforming everything we do,” boasts Welch

All the inspiration, that remarkable initiative outlined in the book “Jack Welch and the GE Way: Management Insights and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary CEO”by Robert Slater. To learn more you can see the content table as below to learn the contents of the book, if you feel interested please purchase

Table of Contents
Jack Welch Launches His Revolution
PART I Act Like a Leader, Not a Manager
1 Embrace Change, Don’t Fear It
2 Stop Managing, Start Leading
3 Cultivate Managers Who Share Your Vision
4 Face Reality, Then Act Decisively
5 Be Simple, Be Consistent, and Hammer Your Message Home
PART II Building the Market-Leading Company
6 Be Number 1 or Number 2, But Don’t Narrow Your Market
7 Look for the Quantum Leap!
8 Fix, Close, or Sell: Reviving NBC
9 Don’t Focus on the Numbers
10 Plagiarize–It’s Legitimate: Create a Learning Culture
PART III Forging the Boundaryless Organization
11 Get Rid of the Managers, Get Rid of the Bureaucracy
12 Be Lean and Agile Like a Small Company
13 Tear Down the Boundaries
PART IV Harnessing Your People for Competitive Advantage
14 Three Secrets: Speed, Simplicity, and Self-Confidence
15 Use the Brains of Every Worker–Involve Everyone
16 Take the “Boss Element” Out of Your Company
17 Create an Atmosphere Where Workers Feel Free to Speak Out
18 S-t-r-e-t-c-h! Reach for the Stars!
PART V Push Service and Globalization for Double-Digit Growth
19 Grow Your Service Business–It’s the Wave of the Future
20 Look to Financial Services to Bring in Earnings
21 Have Global Brains–and Build Diverse and Global Teams
PART VI Drive Quality throughout the Organization
22 Live Quality–and Drive Cost and Speed for Competitive Advantage
23 Make Quality the Job of Every Employee
24 To Achieve Quality: Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
PART VII The Toughest Boss/Most Admired Manager in America
25 Jack Welch Deals with Adversity
26 Jack Welch Deals with the Next Generation
PART VIII Jack Welch’s Vision for the Millennium
27 Bolstering General Electric
28 Advice for Other Companies

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