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Six Sigma analysis tools: Diagram of CE/CNX | Cause and Effect | Constant-Noise-Experiment Diagram

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Next tools are often used to analyze six sigma is a diagram of the CE / CNX or better known as Fish Bone diagram or Isikawa diagrams. The use and characteristics of fish bone diagram is
– Used to analyze the causes of a problem and finding the roots of existing problems
– Describe in detail the causes of the problem down to the smallest.
– The cause and effect diagram shows the systematic relationship Between a fixed result and the related causes.
– This diagram can be said the version details of the IPO diagram where each component in the IPO seen again the parts are more detailed.
– In general diagram of the CE / CNX is usually produced from the discussion / brainstorming.

The components outlined the causes of the smallest are regrouped and the more general factor and divided into 6 factors namely 1E 5M (Man, Machine, Method, Materials, Measurement and Environment)

Factors that we consider are going well or has not changed much are labeled C (constant), an arbitrary factor and can not be uncontrolled is labeled N (Noise), if there are factors which still need to be tested for effects on the problems faced are labeled X (experiment). Factor X this will then be discussed when making the design on Experiment (DOE).

The main objective of Six Sigma is to reduce l This is a variation of the process. In this case reduce the factor N to C, for example by changing the standard working procedure.


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