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Service Value Identification as Implementation of Lean Sigma Principles in Service Industries

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

The success of six sigma practices depends on many things. One of them made a special product specifications are actually expected the customer. Core services in the service industry is a series of methods for doing everything from preparing invoices, receive calls, processing credit card applications (which you can get at sites like, preparing meals and receive guests, to give lectures.

Those activities are examples of services. Slightest form of service should we respond and provide the best and keep doing the evaluation and improvement.
The best step to identify the value corresponding to the specifications of the customer is expected to answer the following questions:

A. What is the purpose of the service
2. How the service is creating customer satisfaction?
3. What are the main input and output service process?
Specification of the expected value of customer service, requires us to develop design specifications for the service in detail including a number of steps that must be done in the delivery of services.