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Service Quality

Posted in Total Quality Management

Service quality depends on three things: systems, technologies, and people. The human factor holds the biggest contribution so that the quality of service is more difficult to imitate than product quality and price. One popular concept of service quality is ServQual. Based on this concept, quality or service quality is believed to have five dimensions: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangible.
Taking into account that the service can not see, smell, and touch, the tangible aspect is important as a measure of service. As an illustration, the customer provides a good assessment of an auto repair shop is equipped with advanced equipment. In addition to buildings and equipment, customers will rate the physical appearance of its employees. These dimensions are generally more important for new customers

Reliability dimension is the dimension that measures the reliability of the company in providing services to customers. Compared to the other four dimensions of service quality, is considered the most important dimensions of various service industries. This dimension has two aspects: the company’s ability to provide services in accordance with the promise, and how well the company is able to provide accurate service.

Dimension responsivness is the customer’s expectations at the pace that the ministry can not be certain to change as trends over time. Prices at a time different from one customer and other customers
Dimension is the dimension of quality assurance services related to the company’s ability and behavior of front-line staff in instilling a sense of trust and confidence to the customers. Based on research, there are four aspects of this dimension are the skills, competence, credibility and security.

The dimensions of empathy can be explained by the idea that the middle class customers have high expectations of the service providers in order to know them personally. Companies should know their names, their specific needs, and if necessary to know what the interests and character of the person.