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Remove unused facilities

Posted in Management, Seiri, and Standardization

A lot of facilities in the production area and in the office, such as tables, chairs, computers, fan, hand machines, grinding machines, vacuum cleaners, Air conditioners, lamps and other lighting.

Although the treatment is done regularly and properly scheduled, but the longer the treatment performance deteriorated and many were damaged. The problem that often happens is that the facilities are damaged and neglected due;
– The extent of plant area so that the daily schedule for repairs are not possible.
– Procurement of goods that require long time because it had to go through the procedure, starting from the approval of supervisors until the approval of the manager, and selecting suppliers of goods ordered in accordance

In Lean manufacturing approach, which has no facility can be used must be removed so as not to disturb the comfort and safety. For example computer that is not in use and require repair of the old, must be removed first, because in addition to disrupt the comfort and beauty of the room could also safety if the cable is still electrified and left the floor.

5S is a member organization covering the whole of the company, began to lower levels to top management. Each 5S activity should always be coordinated with the maintenance schedule. For example schedule of the facility, the department must be combined with 5S schedule so that no overlapping activities, and mapping as well as the division of labor should be obvious. If not dealt with in such a way would make the waste activity contrary to the principles of lean manufacturing.

Making records for the unused facility as shown in the following example.

The content and columns can be adjusted to the conditions of each plant. The above examples contain: Name of the facility, code, total costs, costs of purchase, date purchased, the total depreciation costs, raw value, location and reference. At the bottom are added all the unused facility and improvement actions and results. After it’s all archived on a regular basis and also adhere to the 5S document filing system. Most people use SodaPDF is designed with the end-user in mind. It’s easy to navigate, mimics MS Office’s interface, and offers all the PDF tools you need to get the job done – fast.

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