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Reduction of movements involving manual labor

Posted in Material Handling

It is important in lean manufacturing is to reduce the movement of goods and service as short as possible. The use of hearing aids in the transport of material handling is absolutely necessary to minimize the use of physical force operators. This is intended to save human power that controls the activity of manufacturing. However saving human power can be saved by implementing lean manufacturing 5S well.

As discussed earlier that lean manufacturing will be achieved only if they can reduce the time or the movement of manufacturing activity. To reduce this many things can be done for example by automation, material storage closer to the production process or by recruiting more members to pursue the time of production and others.

All things can be done as far as there is no waste with these changes. The most important are the 5S managment itself. Here 5S manufacturing systems indispensable role in order to achieve the expected conditions. In addition to its 5S not only rules but also a reflection of the culture of manufacturing is recommended by experts in the field of manufacturing all over the world. Work culture, the culture of discipline and culture of thinking for a change in improvement.

Material handling can reduce the movement, first done by creating designs with the shortest delivery Seiton concept, then using the correct conveyance and transportation of a standardized way, and if possible to do automation.

Standardization movement should be made to ensure the most effective movements. Previously should be made simple by your own research, and if you’ve found an effective way of new standardized and provide training to other members. Within walking, continued to be held gradual improvement (Kaizen). Thus the savings and lean manufacturing will be increasingly more felt by the company.

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