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Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Quality Function Deployment ( QFD ) is a methodology in the design and development of products or services that are able to integrate ‘ consumer voices ‘ into the design process . QFD is actually a way for companies to identify and meet the needs and desires of consumers to the products or services it produces . Here are a few definitions of Quality Function Deployment according to the experts :
1. QFD is a methodology for translating customer wants and needs into a product design that has the technical requirements and characteristics of a certain quality ( Akao , 1990; Urban , 1993) .
2. QFD is a structured methodology that is used in the process of designing and developing a whole set product specification needs and desires of consumers , as well as the capability to systematically evaluate the product or service to meet the needs and desires of consumers ( Cohen , 1995) .
3. QFD is a system of product development starting from product design , manufacturing process , until the product into the hands of consumers , where the development of products based on consumer desires ( Djati , 2003) .

Benefits Of QFD
The use of QFD methodology in the design and development of products is an added value for the company . Because the company will have a competitive advantage by creating a product or service that is able to satisfy the consumer .
The benefits to be gained from the application of QFD in the product design process is ( Dale , 1994) :
1. Improve product reliability
2. Improve product quality
3. Improve customer satisfaction
4. Shorten time to market
5. Reduce design costs
6. Improve communication
7. Improve productivity
8. Increase corporate profits

QFD excellence
Advantages – advantages of QFD are :
1. Provides a standard format for translating customer needs into technical requirements , so as to meet the needs of consumers .
2. Help the design team to focus the design process carried out on the facts available , not intuition .
3. During the design process , decision -making ‘ recorded ‘ in the matrices that can be re-examined and modified in the future .

QFD matrix hierarchy
By using the QFD methodology in the design and development of products , it will be known four types of stages, each of which is :
1. Product Planning Stage ( House of Quality )
2. Planning Phase Components ( Part Deployment )
3. Phase Planning Process ( Process Deployment )
4. Stage Production Planning ( Manufacturing / Production Planning)