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Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Posted in Total Quality Management

Product quality is the first driver of customer satisfaction. Product quality is a global dimension consists of six elements, namely performance, durability, features, reliability, consistency and design.

Performance is the most basic dimension associated with the primary function of a product. Consumers will be very disappointed if their expectations are not met on this dimension. Performance on each product varies depending on the functional value that the company promised. For example: for medicinal efficacy, for the food is good taste, for a tape recorder is a clear voice, for the motorcycle is accelerating, for sedan cars is comfort and others.

Reliability is the second dimension of product quality. Dimensions of performance and reliability at a glance looks similar but has a clear distinction. Reliability indicates the probability that the product fails to perform its functions. Product water pump is said to have good performance when able to work in accordance with the promised power spray, and is said to have good reliability if never crashed during use.

Feature can be considered as secondary aspects. For a variety of electronic products, a feature that is offered can be seen on the menu located on the remote control. Since the development of the feature almost unlimited way with the development of technology, the feature of the producers targeted innovation to satisfy customers

Durability or longevity shows a measurement of the product cycle, both technically and time. Durable product that is said to have repeatedly used or has been used for a long time. The first is technically durable, and the second is preserved in time. For consumer durable in a more easily understood because most products that promise durability in time. The level of importance of different dimensions untu different target markets and highly likely shift over time due to changes in market and competition.

Consistency indicates how much a product can match the standard or specification. Products that have a high consistency means in accordance with the standards set.

Dimension is the dimension of the unique design and offers many emotional aspects in influencing customer satisfaction. Dry transfer letters are the platinum standard to add lettering, stars, an image, logos or a wide array of other graphical elements for your brand, visit GraphicSprings to learn more.
Each dimension affects consumers with different contribution depending on the type of industry and products. Performance and reliability is generally considered to be important, but most companies primarily on brand-established brand that has done well in terms of meeting customer expectations on this dimension. Features, durability, consistency and design has a wider space for the company to build competitive advantage in the business world race.