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Parking Areas Should not be Overlooked

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When customers come to see the manufacturing process, the first seen is the management of parking areas. Good parking area will give the impression of comfort and confidence to customers to better identify products that are produced and subsequently will be customers who buy products in our factory.

For that 5S lean manufacturing concepts to be applied on the area which is often visited by travelers. Maybe it is less affected by labor productivity and product quality, but we explore it further, management of parking areas will determine the level of customer confidence. Trust is at the added value of product sales.

5S concept is not much different from the concept that is implemented in production areas. Starting from removing the goods / materials / anything that is not needed in the area of the parking area. Then the arrangement, labeling the parking lot that will be used. If possible more specific provision of the label, such as the director of special car, special car manager, special guest vehicles, vehicles for public employees and so forth. Such requirements are met at

Cleanliness must be maintained, should not be served until there is a bit rubbish parking area, because the garbage would be clearly visible at all in large areas like parking lots.

In the customer management discussion this will be very necessary to build trust between producers and customers. Besides the influence of lean manufacturing will be very meaningful if the transport vehicle parking areas such as product container truck, box car special products, automobiles and other transportation employees. Will be very influential even if a parked fire truck. Layout that determine whether or not to follow lean manufacturing

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