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SEIKETSU : Continuously maintain 3S

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3S here means Seiri, Seito and Seiso. After all three “S” have been implemented in the work area, then what is important is maintaining the conditions that have been awake so he could take place continuously. Not only when there are bosses just good condition, or if there will be an audit 5S workplace conditions clean, well-ordered equipment, but whenever the need may indicate conditions such as at the time of the audit.

These maintenance steps can not only direct rebuke to the employee if make a mistake, but it must be made or standardized system that can be implemented by all components of the company. It is a follow-standard lean manufacturing 5S is not easy but if done with really strong support system the company’s goals will be achieved easily.

SEISO – Keep Clean Workplace

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A lean manufacturing with the 5S campaign should be able to visually show the working environment, ranging from the entrance to the company, the receptionist space, office space, production space, stores and loading bay. If the visits should be no waste at all, then dust off the desk or machined-engine work. And all this can only be carried out together all the employees who can maintain cleanliness in their respective workplace. And one more thing, do not hang to the commercial cleaning service to do all that, because of the limited trial can not cover all areas of the company.

SEISO activity is the cleaning process in which a regional basis in the broom and mop with the mop. Because the floors, windows and walls should be cleaned, Seiso here equivalent to the large-scale cleanup activities conducted each year end in Japan’s household