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Posted in Management, and Standardization

To give a complete report concerning the goods will be removed, it is necessary to recap the stocks of goods. Recapitulation aims to facilitate the reading of the overall stock which is not required and easy to pick what to do.

The columns are made in unnecessary stock list includes: Department of Seiri activity, date created unnecessary stock list, the name of the items to be discarded / removed, the item code, quantity, unit costs, overall costs, which will be planned disposal areas, disposal whether the provisions are in accordance with the procedure or not, and references, then coupled with the total number of goods that are not needed and the value of disposal, as well as improvement actions and results.


Posted in Management, and Standardization

The red tags are made in accordance with the information needs to be provided. This standard must be agreed by all members of the production, management and everything associated with the production process.

Basic information that should be written is the product name, product type, quantity, lot size and the reason is removed.

Making Red Tags for marking unused, the model can be varied and modified according to need. But most important are: