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Outstanding Material Must be Shown Clearly

Posted in Management, Seiton, and Standardization

Lean manufacturing 5S for container
All goods must be identified quickly by all the member production. So that the addition, the space has been determined position and address where the goods in one space must be found quickly and accurately. The identity of the goods must be agreed by all member firms of up to service manager level.

The room or place used for storing goods, should be managed appropriately, both in terms of the arrangement based on 5S standard. Nothing is considered waste in terms of lean manufacturing. A good placement will launch the service performance.

Minimize the Use of Space with Containers

Posted in Management, and Seiton

Lean manufacturing is very concerned with the use of space as efficiently as possible. Any use of one square meter must be accounted for in terms of efficiency, usefulness and economic value. Containers, packaging material is intended to make it more concise and easier in the arrangement. Containers can be easily stacked vertically and horizontally to fill the space regularly. The use of containers also facilitate the fairy production operators to pick up and put the items accurately and quickly.