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Parking Areas Should not be Overlooked

Posted in Concept

When customers come to see the manufacturing process, the first seen is the management of parking areas. Good parking area will give the impression of comfort and confidence to customers to better identify products that are produced and subsequently will be customers who buy products in our factory.

For that 5S lean manufacturing concepts to be applied on the area which is often visited by travelers. Maybe it is less affected by labor productivity and product quality, but we explore it further, management of parking areas will determine the level of customer confidence. Trust is at the added value of product sales.

Stock Control

Posted in Management

Stock control in the production must be observed by all parties. Because if any one of the blank material, the production will not work. If production can not run the time wastage will occur. Lean manufacturing certainly will not be achieved. Therefore, various ways have done to keep the remains there is no excess stock or less.

5S management role here is emphasized to ensure adequate supply to remain available. Effectiveness of stock is very helpful to reduce waste time and waste WIP is the basic component for building a lean manufacturing are well preserved