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Over Personnel – Over Equipment

Posted in Concept, Lean Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Waste

Over personnel in question is an excess of human resources who carry out production process. Management of production is always the balance of human resources and production machines to run a product. For the efficiency of machines and workers can be achieved then the composition of the two must be balanced. In addition, there is no idle cultivated for both machines and human activity.

The advantages of human resources not only caused by problems of recruitment and placement of employees is wrong. However, it can also be caused by fluctuations in product demand, which causes one section to another section had to stop because it has reached the target.

Over-equipment means excess production equipment or machinery to produce a product. Almost the same as over-personnel, Over Equipment could be due to initial management of machinery and equipment purchases that are less fuel-efficient or because of fluctuations in consumer demand.

Fluctuations in product demand is interesting to study more deeply, because it will directly affect the production control and lean manufacturing project. Over-Over Personnel and Equipment should be examined again with a more detailed variable again. In addition to production capacity of minimum / maximum, layout, machinery breakdown, also must pay attention to global market conditions, trends, demand and so forth.

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