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Originally unnecessary Process and Work are Deems as Necessary

Posted in Manufacturing Waste

The changes in production very often occur along with the development of technology used. An industrial engineer must be sensitive to changes occurring in the process sometimes unnecessary Originally process and work are deems as Necessary.

Activities that should be removed occasionally still maintained by reason of changes in procedures requiring a change in the side of labor, machinery and process flow, changes in procedures also require changes in the workforce. They must be trained to follow the new working procedures. This change will be slow because it is still pictured with the old procedure. So the work habits of the old still remains taken although there has been new work procedures. So the activities that should not have to do is just done, resulting in a waste of time.

As an example of merging with automatic machine with auto inspection, previously requiring workers to examine the product, but because it is a machine that carry out the inspection process, the inspection work can be ignored. But the problems that often happens is they continue to assume that the process was still needed and should be done, while according to the quality assurance, the manual process of inspection on the process did not affect the quality of the finished product.

Lean manufacturing executor should be able to coordinate with the QA (Quality Assurance) to be able to identify activities, which is a waste but the process is still used by reason of fear if neglected will affect product quality.

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