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Motorola Concept

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

In general, the concept of quality management based on customer satisfaction. The success of a product can be seen from the customer response. Basically the customer will be satisfied when they receive the product they want in accordance with both the characteristics and usefulness. In the concept of six sigma customers expect the success of 99.99% is not a product defect and fault close to the “Zero”.

Thus Six Sigma can be used as a measure of performance targets industrial processes, of how well a product transaction process, the supplier (industrial) and customers (markets). The higher the sigma targets are achieved, then the performance of industrial processes, the better, so that an automatic 6-sigma is better than 4-sigma and 4 sigma better than 3-sigma. Six Sigma can be considered as a breakthrough that allows companies doing tremendous increase (dramatic) at lower levels. Six Sigma can also be viewed as a process control industry that focuses on the customer, through attention to the ability of the process (Process Capability)