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Minimize the Use of Space with Containers

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Lean manufacturing is very concerned with the use of space as efficiently as possible. Any use of one square meter must be accounted for in terms of efficiency, usefulness and economic value. Containers, packaging material is intended to make it more concise and easier in the arrangement. Containers can be easily stacked vertically and horizontally to fill the space regularly. The use of containers also facilitate the fairy production operators to pick up and put the items accurately and quickly.

Containers can be boxes, cupboards, shelves, pallets and other adjusted with material / goods that will be in store. Use the box if the material into small pieces, use the cabinet if the length or width and its material can be prepared in the closet, and so forth.

Use containers must be arranged so with due regard to the 5S and lean manufacturing standards. Starting from the space needed, the stored goods and the selection of an appropriate container. 5S Standard’s needed is a proper segregation of goods and labeled. If included in the red tags(goods that are not needed) immediately removed. It also uses the lines between the container space with other sections and label each container with a label showing the item name, size, lot, and others.

Purchase of new containers should be avoided because it will increase the space used. Use the most efficient possible use of container as the main objective is to reduce the space and minimizes space and the amount of stock even if it allows the container must get rid of.

5s management must be given in detail so that the effectiveness and efficiency in lean manufacturing can be implemented at each production line.

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