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Measurement is critical to Improvement

Posted in Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, and Lean Six Sigma

Changes made in the context of improvement; it would seem of no use if it can not be measured accurately. Measurements here do not have the sophisticated equipment, but with simple techniques and tools that already exist, such as stop watch to measure the change in the time before and after improvement.

Measurement of improvement will show us how effective the changes we have made. It also gives an overview that describes the variables that affect process performance. To give an idea can be visually indicated by the line graph, run chart or control chart. Graphs and pictures shown, will help usto understand trends, and gaps for further improvement. In addition it will provide the image data needed for improvement of work.

After all measurement performed and obtain the necessary data, and has been visualized in the form of graphs and charts. Then the next step is to assess whether there are significant differences to the changes that have been made. Is the quality improved after the change. Whether the process can be reduced to the efficiency. Are changes made to make more comfortable and productive procedure?.