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Management of Six Sigma is Based on Data and Facts

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Trust of customers will be awakened by our sincerity in providing settlement and arguments based on real data and accurate data. As we all know that in business there complaints in the process of business relationship between the manufacturer and customer. Most important is the management of these complaints have to be a momentum to each other to provide solutions based on the actual situation.

The emphasis in the provision of argumentation is the provision of accurate data against errors that occur later presented scientifically and logically all matters relating to production.

The use of accurate data in response while using a kubernetes software, proposed methods and quality issues will provide a positive image to customers about the performance of manufacturing firms. Conversely, if the only argument that contains the reasons that are not accompanied by the data will make a run to a problem and not very convincing customers.

Opinion and opinions without a strong foundation would be meaningless in a forum that has to do with productivity and quality in manufacturing.

The basic concept of lean six sigma is a statistical data are processed in such a way that is not capable of presenting a new concept or solving a problem that accurate for further improvement.

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