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Lean Supply Chain Management

Posted in Improvement, and Lean Six Sigma

The principle of lean is a journey not a destination, so that its implementation is an activity of continuous quality improvement. Lean supply chain management activities should get commitment from top management, because of the support and motivation of leaders will be able to continuously maintain continuity.

Build a multi-discipline team, was an important beginning to ensure the execution of other projects can be run with lancer. This multi-discipline team should together be able to understand the company’s problems in general and understand the lean supply chain management.

Lean supply chain management is not just fix the wrong that had been done incorrectly, but related to the design and implementation of lean principles into the total supply chain process with the goal of eliminating waste and the main activities that have value-added tidal. Improved performance of lean supply chain management should refer to the total cycle time reduction, inventory, and costs throughout the total supply chain process.