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Lean Six Sigma is real training

Posted in Lean Six Sigma

Lean Sigma is not just training that discusses the theories of efficiency, reduce costs to the company, but lean sigma is real work that must be directly applied in manufacturing activities and manufacturing processes as well as the provision of services. Of the cases that actually occur in companies where training takes place and the improvement with the resources and equipment in the company’s. All must work in a systematic and organized.

The cases taken are barriers, waste-waste that is the experience of members who undergo training lean sigma, so that members can feel, and fully understand the real conditions. Improvement applications to be offered and designed the project such as six sigma quality improvement can be directly addressed and tested. Can it be implemented or are in trouble if applicable.

Members who underwent training six sigma will feel improvement is achieved by using the results of six sigma training. Ideally the trainee was given member of the six sigma theory is sufficient, the concept of improvement, the process in order to fully understand the value stream improvement project that will be undertaken. Next is the implementation of project design are made. Then create a standard operating procedure so that the increase could be duplicated and carried out continuously