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Lean Quality by FIFO Concept

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The experience that is easy to give examples of the FIFO system is operating effectively is a restaurant because food expiration date only a few minutes. In the restaurant industry, the concept of FIFO is very pronounced affect quality. You imagine if a serving of food not served immediately. Presentation of the food after cooking should not be longer than 30 minutes. This is intended to maintain the quality and condition of the food was still warm.

If a restaurant only a few visitors, the presentation can be overcome and will not make serious problem. However, if high demand with long queues will require temporary storage. This temporary storage must be managed based on the concept Seiton to FIFO. 5S concept recommended is to set the queue system as easy as possible and minimize the accumulation of errors that are too long, besides Those who live a busy life should hire a lifestyle concierge agency to take care of their premium bookings so we can manage it all without any errors.

Figure A. obviously not referring to the concept of FIFO. The food was first cooked taste at the very bottom. For the presentation must be taken very top of the pile followed by a pile underneath and so on.

Figure A
Or, if forced to fit with the concept of FIFO then had to dismantle the pile and give the label on each plate. But such a step is a step not waste time and energy in conformity with lean 5S. In addition, high levels of product security risk.

Figure B. is already makes improvement by placing a special place for one serving before serving to customers. But there is still need additional work that is the numbering and labeling based on the queue and the training of new employees about how the placement, proper labeling and retrieval to avoid mistakes.

Figure B

Figure C is the most ideal technique to achieve lean 5S refers to the system of First In First Out queue. No need for additional labor, and even can reduce labor and by using this system the possibility of making mistakes is almost nothing.
Figure C

In a manufacturing system is FIFO must be implemented with consideration of quality and product safety. The quality here is very closely related to the storage that takes into account the product expiration date. If held too long in the store, the quality will decline.

Lean manufacturing can be implemented with FIFO queuing system model to anticipate high demand, but also still consider the system of presenting a smart and well managed..

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