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Lean Manufacturing 5S

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In the world of lean manufacturing terms we often hear. Lean manufacturing or lean production is always campaigned to achieve high efficiency and high productivity firms.

The term itself is lean manufacturing activities that manage the overall components in the company’s activities in the industry with the main purpose is to serve the customer preferred product, but its management remains in control and eliminate activities that are harmful or non-value activity

The meaning of activities of value is any activity that can be converted to cash. This is done in order to make profits as much as possible. If viewed as a layman, the activity in production may not be assessed, but if little by little can be done totally eliminated and in manufacturing it will show real benefits.

Toyota production system has always been a benchmark in the management of production processes, especially in order to achieve lean manufacturing in the factory. The purpose of lean manufacturing is focused on reducing the seven wastes to improve overall customer value, improve efficiency, quality and productivity.

Some of the seven wastes (MUDA in Japanese terms) that lean manufacturing is a priority
1. Motion (wasteful activities and equipment that remote workers, a long and tortuous)
2. Transportation (Movement of materials not in accordance with the needs of the process)
3. Inventory (All components, WIP and finished goods are not processed immediately)
4. Waiting (Waiting for the queue to the next process)
5. Over-Production (production in excess of demand)
6. Over Processing (Results are not good or inaccurate designs require the addition of process)
7. Defect (Adding activities to inspection because of product defects)

All forms of waste above can be controlled and minimized with the 5S system. Integrated management and sustainable 5S will accelerate the expected conditions of lean manufacturing, because manufacturing 5S is the basic activity that will always support the success of lean manufacturing.

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