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Increase of Man-hour Incurred by Wasteful Carrying

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Increased working hours of workers in lean manufacturing concepts should be avoided as much as possible because it costs to workers will be even greater. Similarly, with Increase of man-hours incurred by wasteful carrying. Carrying activities should be set only 5% of overall production activity, but because too much waste then what happens is time-consuming activity of carrying up to 30%.

A company that let the state of waste take place, the land will gradually undermine the financial company. The biggest expenditure that can be felt are paying more salary workers because of the overtime hours that should not be necessary.

Productivity can be measured by the output of a process per unit time. Productivity in manufacturing is easy to see on the manual process in which the dominant human role in working out their duties. For example, in full working condition and a high concentration of the resulting product is 100 units with records of goods available and never too late. But if that happens is the delay due to transportation of raw materials that are less good and long so there are times when workers have to wait for the raw material to work with.

Or is the case, because there are a pile that exceeds its capacity or where the material far from where the production process, should the operator is only responsible for producing the goods, then forced him to take his own goods and process them yourself. So for production activities should instead be used for transporting goods. If this is repeated and in one day for example there are 10 cycles then how much time is wasted to produce and at what cost to be paid to the production target which requires overtime?

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